龍が如く6 命の詩。


龍が如く6 命の詩。 龍が如く6 命の詩。



龍が如く6 命の詩。 の商品説明



Game Soft (Playstation 4) / セガ





『龍が如く6 命の詩。』は新たなゲームの感動体験をお約束します。





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【キーワード】龍が如く6 命の詩 龍が如く 龍が 如く 龍が如く 6 りゅうがごとく








A Driving Force Behind Today’s Hybrid Vehicle Technology

Paice has been at the forefront of hybrid technology for more than 20 years. Led by an innovative and experienced team of automotive veterans, Paice made its mark by discovering new ways to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions without sacrificing driving performance.

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龍が如く6 命の詩。 (ゲーム機) HMV LOHACO店 - LOHACO(ロハコ)
龍が如く6 命の詩。 (ゲーム機) HMV LOHACO店 - LOHACO(ロハコ)

Popular hybrid electric vehicles in the US market

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Paice sues Ford for patent infringement
The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has launched a formal investigation into patent infringement claims against Ford Motor Co. Paice filed the complaint to protect its hybrid vehicle inventions and has asked the ITC to permanently ban Ford from importing any infringing vehicles, including the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ hybrids. Paice previously filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Ford in 2014. That lawsuit has been stayed pending the resolution of 22 inter partes review proceedings before the U.S. Patent Office. Click here to read the complaint. Learn more about the litigation.

Paice settles dispute with VW, Audi and Porsche relating to hybrid vehicle patents
Paice and the Abell Foundation have entered into a settlement agreement with Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche regarding Paice’s hybrid vehicle patents. Terms of the agreement are confidential. The agreement brings an end to all pending legal issues between the companies. Read the press release.

All product names used on this website are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Paice LLC.

  • Who is Paice?

    Paice is a small American company that played a big role in the development of today’s hybrid vehicles. By developing hybrid technology before major automakers began to focus on the potential advantages associated with electrification of the powertrain, Paice's technology laid the foundation for cost effective hybrid vehicles that provide fuel efficiency and low emission levels. See how Paice laid the foundation for today’s hybrid vehicles.

  • 龍が如く6 命の詩。 (ゲーム機) HMV LOHACO店 - LOHACO(ロハコ)

  • What is a Hybrid?

    Hybrid vehicles — which combine the use of an internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors to improve fuel efficiency — have never been more popular. The sale of hybrid vehicles continues to grow thanks to an expanding selection of vehicle choices and more competitive pricing. Learn more about hybrid electric vehicles.

  • The Impact of Our Inventions

    Paice's inventions are considered among the most significant in the hybrid industry. An independent analysis of 58,000 hybrid vehicle patents found that Paice owned four of the Top 10 most influential hybrid vehicle patents in the world. That's more than Toyota and Ford combined. Read the Griffith Hack report.

Alex's Story

When Alex Severinsky came to the United States in the late 1970s, the nation was in the midst of an oil crisis and long lines for gas were commonplace. An electrical engineer, Alex began looking at alternative approaches to gasoline-powered engines and started developing ideas for a hybrid gasoline/electric powertrain that could reduce America’s dependence on oil. Years later, he founded Paice to turn that vision into reality.

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「龍が如く6 命の詩。」の通販ならLOHACO(ロハコ)! ミネラルウォーター、お茶、ティッシュ、おむつなどの日用品から、掃除機、冷暖房器具などの生活家電まで、アスクル個人向け通販ならLOHACO(ロハコ)。翌日以降お届け、1900円以上で基本配送料無料です。